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Attieh Workshop Services
Attieh Workshop Services

Workshop Service

We offer in-house fabrication shops in almost all branches to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements from cutting, bending, welding, notching, slitting and punching; especially when non-standard measurements are required. It is the complement of our services where round bars, angles, T-bars, hollow bars, flat bars, pipes, tubes & beams are cut to the specified customer requirements.

In addition to our workshops, Attieh Steel is specialized in manufacturing truck flanges, C- lip channels (2.7cm up to 30cm the lip), U channels (2mm up to 13mm with 6m length) petrol tanks, water tanks (using Hot Rolled/Galvanized /Stainless Steel sheets) & trucks’ bodies.

Some of the machineries are:

  • Cutting Machines
  • LVD Cutting Machines (500 Tons)
  • Oxygen Cutting Machines
  • Bending Machines
  • Punching Machines
  • Band Saw Machines
  • Drilling Machine