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The beginnings of the company roots back to 1957, Attieh Steel Ltd (ASL), originally started in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by Attieh Family. Responsible for the idea and for its implementation was a senior member of the Attieh family, the highly respected Sheikh Ahmad Mohamed Attieh. The beginnings were unassuming: a small fabrication shop and ASL Limited was born to be later one of the earliest stockists established in the Kingdom.

In a short span of time, the company accumulated the expertise to grow into a fully-fledged steel stockist. It was one of the first stockists in Saudi Arabia. Growth was also linked to the needs of the growing market. This, together with the general Saudi boom in the early 60s and the 70s construction boom raised the market share of the company and kindled its interest in non-steel businesses.

Its diligence, perseverance, the quality and wide range of its products won an enviable reputation for ASL in very short time. This background enabled ASL to serve the needs of the core sectors of the regional economy. With the continuously changing market needs, ASL could always keep itself abreast with the increasing demand and worked accordingly on satisfying and meeting the needs of its customers in the region.

The company learned to anticipate the rising needs and expectations of its clients and was conscious of the world technological revolution and the continuing technical innovation in its field of activity. ASL meticulously kept in pace with these changes and was able to meet the challenge ahead. Its relations with its clients boomed and ASL made certain that its clients were aware of its capabilities and the range of product mix ASL was capable of supplying.

Progress has never stopped and in 1994, ASL Factory was incorporated. It is considered the largest steel service center in Saudi Arabia. Two more similar facilities were added in 2006, one in Riyadh and the other in Dubai.

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